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 Harlog's introduction

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PostSubject: Harlog's introduction   Mon Mar 07, 2011 6:48 am

I'm playing a soul breeder I'm 62 at the moment and it's a decently fun game. In real life I'm working overnight janitorial at Walmart and I'm engaged to be married April 9th (so I'll be gone for a good week in there). My birthday's April 29th and my soon-to-be-wife's birthday is April 23rd. Kinda going to be a crazy month, hopefully we won't have any kids during April, but we aren't planning to have any at least for another couple years still (gotta finish college first). So I'm off and on sometimes I'm really busy and can't play at all sometimes I can play most of the day. I'm having a great time in the guild though and you guys are really helping me along, I'll be sure to keep asking questions if I have any. Hope to see you all in game!
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Harlog's introduction
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